A fine evening’s frolic

I love Shakespeare, but sometimes there is none to be had, so I must turn to burlesque. Sometimes I must turn to burlesque anyway, but when the two are to be had together, the magic is made.

My friend took me last night to a sold-out show called Boobs and the Bard. We few, we happy few! Unnatural Redhead Productions put on quite a show. Sections of the performance were quiet and classy with the reading of sonnets in a gorgeous state of undress. Other sections were a little more madcap. It’s lovely to see Shakespeare come alive in new ways so often. We found an alternate ending for a very sassy Ophelia, a sad but boisterous farewell to the stage for a male past his prime for playing Shakespeare’s females, and a truly zany number where Hamlet exits pursued by a bear, which was also an homage to Benny Hill. I think the Bard would have been delighted.

I loved every number, but my favorite was the three witches interpreted as a acrobatic striptease by the male troupe Mod Carousel. I’m not into men, but some things are so sensuous as to transcend gender. This was one of them.

In an odd twist, I got to put my geekery to good use when the power to the music went out and the hosts held a Shakespearean quote contest to keep the merriment going. I competed and won, but most of all it was fun–it’s nice to be in a crowd that appreciates good Shakespearean line and form (and line and form in general).

Alas that I cannot send you out to see it, for the performances have ended, but let this be a call to invite Shakespeare to all art forms. He’s fun at every party!


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